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-These are in-office and virtual appointments

(In-office appointments have limited availability)

-These are non-insured services

-For virtual appointments please see below on what to expect in a virtual appointment.


Lactation Consultation



  • Breastfeeding education and support.​

  • Guidance on latching and positioning of baby!

  • Addressing and managing milk supply issues such as low supply and oversupply.

  • Learn how to increase milk supply naturally.

  • Addressing oral ties (lip tie, tongue tie, and buccal/cheek ties).

  • Ensure adequate milk transfer!

pregnant mom

Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation​



  • Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding for parents and baby.

  • Discuss maternal nutrition for pregnancy and postpartum to prepare for breastfeeding.

  • Learn about prenatal milk expression!

  • Go over positioning and how to latch baby properly.

  • How to get breastfeeding off to a great start in the hospital and at home.

  • Learn how to manage milk supply and flow.


Weaning Consultation



  • Maintaining nourishment and hydration of baby during the process of weaning.

  • Discuss first solid foods to introduce baby (for babies 6 months and older).

  • Holistic customized care plan for weaning process.


Baby Massage Class



  • Get one on one training on how to properly massage your baby with infant friendly strokes.

  • Improve baby's digestion when they are suffering with gas, reflux, colic, and constipation. 
  • Improve baby's sleep!
  • Help boost baby's immune support!
  • Help relieve baby's muscular tension!
  • Stimulate lactation!
  • Increase bonding between parent and baby!
mom holding  baby

Follow-Up Lactation Consultation



  • Assessing what helped for you and baby from the initial lactation appointment. 

  • Reevaluating initial careplan and help implement new tools if needed to help improve breastfeeding concerns. 

mom holding baby 2

​Lactation + Baby Massage Consult Bundle



  • This is a Lactation Consultation and Infant Massage Training Consult all in one bundle! Everything that is included in a Lactation and Infant Massage Consult will be included in the bundle package!

  • Learn how performing infant massage on your baby will improve the baby's breastfeeding experience and promotes milk production. 

 What to Expect in a Virtual Appointment

  • 60-90 minute virtual appointment via Zoom with MiKaylan Cushing that can be conducted via smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

  • For Virtual Infant Massage Training consults there will be a booklet shipped to your home prior to the appointment. 

There are some limitations of a virtual appointment. Here are some helpful tips to have a successful virtual appointment:

  • Make sure you have adequate internet connection.

  • Make sure to have quality lighting.

  • If you are wanting MiKaylan to observe a feeding within a Lactation Consultation you can use a phone stand (you can purchase a phone stand from Amazon) so you can position and latch baby with ease or have something else to prop phone or tablet up. 

  • If you are concerned about the baby's weight then rent or purchase an infant scale (purchase from Amazon) and we can conduct a weighted feed to assess for milk transfer, your milk supply, and if baby is getting enough. Weighted feeds are checking the baby's weight before and after a nursing. 

While virtual appointents are very helpful for many reasons, there may be some cases where the mom or baby may be referred to their local Health Care Provider for further evaluation. These cases include:

  • Concerns with jaundice, weight gain, and/or general well being of the infant.

  • A potential oral tie (lip tie, tongue tie, and buccal/cheek ties) that requires a dental referral from baby's pediatrician. 

  • Thrush, mastitis, and other breastfeeding concerns that may require medical treatment if holistic treatment does not help.

  • Inadequate internet connection or lighting that prevents MiKaylan from having a quality online assessment of mom and baby. 

Mother and Baby on Floor
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